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Old-School Rules and Mythic Adventures

Old-school rules and mythic adventures!

Gear up for classic role-playing full of magic, monsters, and adventure with this bundle of RPG books and resources!

Journey back to a legendary era’s rulesets with Necrotic Gnome’s Old-School Essentials, including Classic and Advanced Fantasy digital tomes. Explore campaign settings like The World of Lost Lands, or embark on a journey into Stoneheart Valley (also available in a softcover physical edition). Discover a treasury to make your next role-playing excursion a true classic, and support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with your purchase!

Stoneheart Valley hardcover fulfilled by Frog God Games. Shipping and handling not included in bundle purchase.

W&V FGG Rotunda Martina

Whisper & Venom for 5th Edition and Old School Essentials games has come to Kickstarter!

Otherworldly energy seeped into the distant Whisper Vale. Unseen, it channeled an unknown force and broke the barrier between worlds.

Can you hear the murmurs? Do you sense the danger? 
Whisper & Venom is coming back! The acclaimed (no, really!) regional setting and adventure bundle is making a comeback. The goal from the project’s beginning in 2013 remains the same: to make a game product that is as beautiful to read and browse as it is fun to play. Originally released by Lesser Gnome to acclaim and RPG hobby praise, this time, the resource will be featured in a hardcover book with a poster map and (as an add-on) a pack of 28 mm miniatures, including goblins and a villainous gnome who has become rather notorious in RPG circles over the last eight years.
Written by John Hammerle and Zach Glazar as a tribute to the fantasy adventures and role-playing game accessories of the 1980s, Whisper & Venom is an epic adventure designed to be deadly for parties of 4–8 Tier One characters (henchmen available, but not included) and useful to players, game masters, and referees of any fantasy role-playing system. Originally penned in 2013, Whisper & Venom was the first published book through the vanity press, Lesser Gnome, LLC. The intent and expectation were for it to remain their only published book.

Designed for your Fifth Edition and Old School Essentials campaigns, Whisper & Venom is a full-color, HARDCOVER book that will be shipped from our warehouse to backers in the USA and will be printed PoD (print on demand) for backers outside the USA.

Goblins Harvesting Venom
Whisper & Venom Ruins
Whisper & Venom Distillery
Whisper & Venom Whisper Vale






For Fifth Edition, OSR, Pathfinder and More!


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Newest Swords & Wizardry 



Rappan Athuk, the legendary mega-dungeon by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned First Edition dungeon crawl.

Many, many players have lost favored PCs delving into the depths of this dungeon, all the while giggling like children and having the time of their lives. Hundreds, if not thousands, of players have combed the halls of Rappan Athuk over the years, seeking treasure and fame, making it one of the best-known dungeon locations the game has ever produced. Even players who have never entered its halls know the term, “Don’t go down the Well!”

An adventure for 4 – 6 PCs
Character Levels 1 – 20