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AK3: Trillium: City of Enchantment

AK3: Trillium: City of Enchantment

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Perched on the hills above the Sapphire Sea and at the estuary of the gentle outflowing Oriana River lies the vast seaport of Trillium. The affluent of Trillium call it the “City of Enchantment.” Others in different circumstances give it different names, but it is beyond dispute that Trillium is a massive and diverse commercial hub driven by merchant cabals, criminal syndicates, and guilds with one common goal – wealth.

One of those criminal organizations, the Ceaseless, was running a lucrative smuggling operation in Ockney’s Hold, a small city to the north of Trillium located in the Barony of Rawn. It was going well until one of their operatives, a Brain Gorger named Marlipp, went rogue dangerously exposing the cartel and gaining the attention of a local official who hired a group of adventures to get to the bottom of what was going on. This brave band pursued the foul Brain Gorger into his lair and into the depths of the Deep Dark before having him snatched out of their grasp by Ceaseless mages.

Now, the adventures continue their pursuit south to the metropolis of Trillium, the home of the Ceaseless and other more powerful forces. Will the heroes be able to find the loathsome Marlipp and finally complete their mission? And how will they fare in the vast and dangerous city given how little they understand of the real powers at play?

Includes a separate Trillium PNG Map

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