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The Book of Taverns: Volume Three

The Book of Taverns: Volume Three

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Book of Taverns Three: Lion Rampant and Four Winds

Your heroes are going to be stopping at a tavern sometime; make it an interesting experience! With Book of Taverns Three you have a choice of two exciting places to stay the night and find adventure. Both of these unusual places offer NPCs to interact with, history and descriptions to add verisimilitude to your world, as well as hooks for adventure.

Lion Rampant, by Chris Jones, is a high-end tavern that caters to the local aristocracy and wealthy merchants, though they'll take the coin of well-heeled adventurers as well! Among the regular patrons is a deposed king from millennia in the future brought back by bizarre magics and the loyalists who want to help him back on to his throne. The tavern has a magical pantry that maintains a constant cold temperature, so be sure to try the iced drinks and out of season meats.

Four Winds, by Chris Jones, presents a tavern at an interdimensional crossroad. The place was created by — or perhaps is just under the ownership of — an enigmatic god of travelers and hospitality known as the Whiskey Man. Just step through an unassuming door in a wall and find yourself in this tavern of seemingly infinite floors and rooms. While the Whisky Man and his otherworldly staff will welcome you, be wary — creatures from all over the planes come here and not all are willing to abide by the law of peace. There is food and drink from a thousand worlds, but the grilled flying monkey is simply to die for.

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