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Quests of Doom 4

Quests of Doom 4

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God of Ore by Tom Knauss is a 3rd-level adventure that takes the PCs from the quiet, mountainside town of Miners’ Refuge into the heart of the Stoneheart Mountains in pursuit of a failed pilgrimage to discover a phony religious relic deep inside legendary Mithral Mountain. The dark, twisting tunnels that bore into the fabled mountain soon reveal that some mysteries are not what they first appear to be.

Between a Rock and a Charred Place by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 7th level)

The characters will be thrust into the middle of an epic confrontation between the dwarves of the Stoneheart Mountains and the hobgoblins just beyond their borders. Under their new leadership, the hobgoblin warmongers deploy an innovative grand strategy: to forge an alliance with one of the dwarves’ old enemies and a traitor in their foes’ midst. The dwarves’ dominance over the region and very survival hangs in the balance if the characters cannot thwart the monsters’ ambitious plans.

The Covered Bridge by Kevin Wright (for 4 to 6 characters of 4th to 6th level)

Are the characters up to the challenge of solving the centuries-old murder of a historic hero? Within the adventure, the characters are caught up in the haunted memories of the ghostly knight and help him to accomplish his heroic deeds. While doing so, the party becomes familiar with his world and the murder suspects, picking up clues to their motivations and actions along the way. At the end of the adventure, an enraged spirit confronts the characters and demands that they name his killer. If they can do it, they are richly rewarded; both in treasure and the knowledge that they let a good man finally find rest. If they fail, they must face the chilling wrath of the deathless phantom.

The Hunter’s Game by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 4th level)

This adventure will find the characters traveling into the foreboding Dyrgalas Fens, a temperate swamp in the Harwood Forest nestled between the Wolf Hills and Low Hills. Dyrgalas Fens is overrun by an eclectic collection of malevolent monsters, xenophobic humanoids, and foul beasts. When some of the region’s finest gentlemen and ladies never return from their excursions to the Answin Hunting Lodge, the characters must investigate their mysterious disappearances. The journey leads them into the figurative heart of darkness, taking them not only deeper into the dreadful Dyrgalas, but also plunging them into the harrowing abyss of hatred and greed.

The Missing Pin by Alex Kammer is a 2nd-level adventure designed for 4 to 6 characters. In the Lost Lands setting it takes place in the Unclaimed Lands north of the Borderland Provinces at the point where the Great Amrin River meets the Glimmrill Run.

At the confluence of the Great Amrin and Glimmrill Run rivers sits the small town of Gumspur, a small backwater town known only for its convenient location and its only real export, pottery. So, when an audacious theft victimizes one of the leading families of Gumspur, a group more capable than the local constabulary is needed. On its surface, what looks to be a simple theft conceals a much deeper and much more dangerous conspiracy.

In the Time of Shardfall by Michael Curtis (for 4 to 6 characters of 5th to 6th level)

In this open “seek and destroy” adventure, a relic from the prehistoric past — a mystical prison containing a powerful proto-dragon and other creatures from long ago — has been flung forward in time to arrive at the characters’ current era. The prison, an enchanted pane of obsidian called the Akaata, fractures upon arrival, breaking into several shards that fall to the land below. Soon, the prehistoric menaces trapped within wander out of their broken prison to threaten the realm. The characters must search for the five shards and destroy them and their former prisoners, then confront the now-free proto-dragon before it recovers its full strength.

War of Shadows by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 8th level)

This adventure can pick up where Between a Rock and a Charred Place left off or stand on its own. Erod Flan weathered the dark folk’s storm, yet the conspirators are not done. Their focus now turns to the critical outpost of Tyr Whin. The characters and the outnumbered defenders must somehow stop the hobgoblin warlord, Grugdour, and his army from overrunning the citadel and opening a beachhead for invasion into the Stoneheart Mountains.

A Little Knowledge by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 5th level)

This module takes the characters across the Stoneheart Mountains onto the forbidding Feirgotha Plateau to investigate the myths and tales surrounding the ancient and presumably deserted Library of Arcady. The PCs soon discover that the venerable building is not as abandoned as originally believed, and its unusual caretaker keeps more terrible secrets than any of its fabled lost writings.

Awakenings by Steve Winter (for 3 to 5 characters from 1st to 3rd level)

Strange things occur after a meteor streaks overhead in the night sky. Combining elements of a fairy tale with elements of cosmic horror, the characters will confront a community of these evolved animals with evil plans that involve finding the fallen star and confronting an unknown entity.

Cave of Iron by Steve Winter (for 4 to 8 characters from 2nd and 4th level)

When a wagon train fails to return from a supply run, the characters must investigate what happened to them and the riders that were dispatched to find them.

The Desperation of Ivy by Lance Hawvermale (for 4 to 6 characters from 4th and 7th level)

A once-imposing residence called Coltherstone Hold was abandoned years ago, and in the decades since, a fantastic amount of vegetation has grown up the walls and rooftops, covering the structure. Many of the plants are dangerous — deadly, even — and reclaiming the hold will require more than just a few machetes to chop down some weeds. Much worse, a few of the plant specimens possess intelligence as well as an undo degree of malevolence. They’ve infested a nearby village — all but burying it in overgrowth — and have absorbed a few villagers along the way.

Fishers of Men by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 6th level)

The Dragonmarsh Lowlands is a forsaken land blighted by the vile demon lord Tsathogga and countless foul denizens. When Quaywright Fishery inexplicably falls silent, it takes those of stout heart to determine what dire fate befell the former inhabitants and what monstrosity now lords in their place. The grisly carnage leaves even the most seasoned adventurers shaken to the core, as they witness firsthand and may personally experience what it feels like when the tables turn against humanity.

Forgive and Regret by Tom Knauss (for 4 to 6 characters of 8th level)

The sins that stained the blighted Wytch Bog more than two centuries ago still linger as the villain who perpetrated a genocidal act longs to free his tortured soul from his undead bonds. In his warped mind, only more violence can garner his freedom, placing the innocent descendants of his long-deceased conspirators — and an entire region — in his crosshairs.

A Midnight Council of Quail by Lance Hawvermale (for 4 to 6 characters from 3rd and 5th level)

The characters explore a village to locate the lair of a monstrous murderer — but the villagers don’t want the murderer to be discovered.

The Archdruid Cadrryn is so old and mystical that his very presence often affects the natural world around him. Over the years, his close association with the region’s quail population has bestowed upon the birds a sentience uncommon to normal avians. With slightly advanced intelligence, the quail now act as local sentinels, reporting back to Cadrryn on all matters that transpire in his domain. But the druid has been away for more than a fortnight on business of the Druidic Order of Oescreheit, leaving the quail to decide on important events without his wise hand to guide them. When the birds learn that a sinister force has infiltrated the nearby village of Eorls Gedreas, where many of them roost upon the thatched rooftops, the quail convene to determine a way to fight back.

Nightstone Keep by Ed Greenwood (for 4 to 6 characters from 4th and 6th level)

This location-based adventure is centered on a ruined, long-disused stone keep in a temperate wild forest area (possibly not far off a caravan road or forest trail). The characters will be able to explore the ruins of the keep, which have become a plant colony, and attempt to wrest a powerful treasure from the clutches of the araunglyd, a gigantic sentient fungus. The araunglyd will attempt to thwart the players at every turn, using its drone-like minions to harass and hinder them as they go.

Pictures at an Exhibition by Dr. Dennis Sustare (for 4 to 6 characters from 4th and 6th level)

This adventure takes the characters on an exotic cruise in a parallel reality known as “the Real World”. During a stopover, they find themselves on a museum tour where the vivid paintings draw them into a world of fantasy.

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