Logging into my account

QUESTION: “How do I log into the my account if I do not remember my password?”

ANSWER: Please email us at help@froggodgames.com with the email address associated with your account and we will assist you.

Purchases & Shipping

QUESTION: “When should I expect my physical products?”

ANSWER: We usually ship products on Sundays. When your order ships, you should receive an email from froggodgameswarehouse@gmail.com with a tracking number. Please ignore and do not sign up for the "Shop" tracking. This feature in not enabled on our website for tracking.

QUESTION: “When I try to checkout it says there is something wrong with my credit card. What might be the problem?”

ANSWER: The credit card processor checks the billing zip code you’ve entered. If the zip code you’ve entered does not match the zip code your bank has on file you may get an error.

QUESTION: “When I purchase a hardcover or softcover a title do I get a free PDF version?”

ANSWER: Yes, when purchasing a hardcover or softcover of a particular title you will recieve a PDF version as well.

QUESTION: “I purchased a PDF, where can I access my files for download?”

ANSWER: Immediately after an order completes, your checkout page will display download links for your just-purchased PDF files. Additionally, you will shortly receive an emailed order confirmation that also contains download links for your files. Any past PDF files purchased can also always be found by going your My Accounts page.

QUESTION: Are there additional fees for international shipping?

ANSWER: Please be aware that for some countries, the customer may be required to pay the cost of customs clearance and import duties and taxes once the order arrives at customs in order to receive the product. 

QUESTION: Why is a product not available in my preferred game system?

ANSWER: If we don’t publish in multiple game systems it’s because we feel conversion and production costs are too high to make the product profitable, or there is already a product that fills that niche in that game system.

ATTENTION: If you are experiencing any problems with the Frog God Games website, please submit an inquiry to help@froggodgames.com