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Our adventures are tabletop gaming legends, with names you hear in dark whispers, like Rappan Athuk, Tomb of Abysthor, and Slumbering Tsar. We write adventures that are worth winning. That’s the style of adventure gaming we’re about.

Orcus stuffs a stocking!

Dear Orcus, I’ve Been 50% Good

Make your list and check it twice!

Orcus has decided to start his wand-of-a-kind holiday sale early and is cheerfully slashing holiday prices!

From now through December 25th, shop here at the Frog God Games webstore and receive 50% off physical and digital items (excludes the S&W Box Sets, S&W Accessory Pack, Necropolis Pre-order, and the 2021 Frog God Games Grab Bag).

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The Tome of Wondrous Items for 5th Edition has come to Kickstarter!

The companion volume to our acclaimed Tome of Alchemy,
the Tome of Wondrous Items offers you a vast array of resources for creative game-mastery:

Otherworldly Items
All the Basics (magical armor, rings, rods, scrolls, staves, wands, wondrous items, and weapons)
New Monsters
New Spells
Magical Tattoos

Tome of Wondrous Items is a full-color, HARDCOVER book that will be shipped from our warehouse to backers in the USA and will be printed PoD (print on demand) for backers outside the USA.

Bunnies & Burrows

Bunnies & Burrows


5th Edition

The City of Brass


5th Edition

Tegel Manor


5th Edition

Tome of Alchemy


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Grand Duchy of Reme


5th Edition

The Midderlands


5th Edition

Sea King’s Malice


Orcus Eve has come to Indiegogo.

You better watch out (or Orcus’ Claws will pass you by)
You better not cry (because Crueltide Elves drink tears)
You better not pout (your face will freeze that way, Mom said)
Indiegogo will be telling you why…

Don’t miss Orcus in a Winter Wonderland!

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Orcus in a Winter Wonderland!


Rappan Athuk, the legendary mega-dungeon by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl, 

Many, many players have lost favored PCs delving into the depths of this dungeon, all the while giggling like children and having the time of their lives. Hundreds, if not thousands of players have combed the halls of Rappan Athuk over the years, seeking treasure and fame, making it one of the best-known dungeon locations the game has ever produced. Even players who have never entered its halls know the term: “Don’t go down the Well!”

An adventure for 4 – 6 PCs
Character Levels 1 – 20



Necropolis: An Epic Adventure in the Desert Sands

The legendary adventure has been updated and rewritten for 5e and S&W! An ancient evil has reawakened in the Necropolis….

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Bunnies and  Burrows

The 1970′s Classic Adventure Game

Rewritten and Expanded 40 Years Later by  Original Designers:


Dr. B. Dennis Sustare and Dr. Scott Robinson.