The Weekly Deal from the Frog Pond Frog Face — Hop on this deal before it’s gone!

Frog God Games continues its course of sales that are running throughout 2022. For this week’s sale (through December 12), we feature The Blight (NOTE: Swords & Wizardry Hardcover only) for $29.99 + shipping, regularly $119.99, AND The Book of Lost Spells (NOTE: Fifth Edition Hardcover only) for $14.99 + shipping, regularly $34.99.

Cover from the Book of Lost Spells by Necromancer Games

From the makers of The Lost Lands comes The Book of Lost Spells. Over the ages, many spells have languished in musty tomes, crumbling scrolls, and near-forgotten lore. But no more!

Our scholars have worked tirelessly to put these bits of arcane knowledge and divine wonder back into the hands of your characters. Ask any wizard. There’s no such thing as too many spells. This massive compendium of magical mayhem ought to satisfy even the most discerning necromancers and thaumaturgists, and they aren’t easy to please (especially the necromancers). Weighing in with a total of 708 spells, the Book of Lost Spells is a vital resource for anyone wanting to add a bit more mystery to the magic of Fifth Edition!

Richard Pett’s Crooked City

The Blight (cover) for Swords & Wizardry

Order your copies of both the Book of Lost Spells and The Blight today!

The Heart of St. Bathus is live!

The next epic adventure campaign has launched! Check out the crowdfunding links here:

Heart of St. Bathus mock cover
Frog God Games presents another adventure in The Lost Lands! A spiritual sequel to The Lost City of Barakus has arisen from the imagination of its author, W.D.B. Kenower. Long ago, a bold paladin sought the same glory as his celebrated ancestors, but in a moment of weakness he gave up his own soul in exchange for success in battle. He now lies suspended between life and death, and his soul is lost. It’s up to the adventurers to find it and redeem a fallen paladin while facing the wrath of a powerful demon lord in the process.
Heart of St. Bathus is a sandbox-style campaign for 5e roleplaying* designed to take a party of characters from Level 3 (Tier 1) to Level 12 (Tier 3). Answering an appeal for aid from the monks of Goodheart Abbey, the adventurers set off in search of a famed paladin’s lost soul, venturing first to a cursed fortress and then into the labyrinthine depths beneath. But it’s far from a simple mission: The soul and the heart-shaped jewel to which it is bound have been stolen by a cunning devil who has taken it to her citadel far below within the twisting passages of the Cyclopean Deeps. And the Heart’s true master, an imprisoned demon lord, lurks in the darkest corners of the realm, hoping to use the unwitting adventurers to aid in his escape. The soul of a brave paladin hangs in the balance as the adventurers delve into dark and unknown regions!
Pre-ordering via the Frog God Games website allows for the purchase of the Heart of St. Bathus adventure for the Old-School Essentials Retro Adventure Game in advance. After the Pre-Order campaign ends, customers will receive a code allowing the purchase of the book at cost at The printing of each book is currently estimated to be $27.00. Preorder customers will be paying the same or less than the book’s retail price after the Pre-Order campaign ends.
PLEASE NOTE: No one will be charged for a pre-order unless there are 125 placed by Saturday, December 17, 2022. All of the extras from the Kickstarter, including Encounters in the Under Realms, will be available for purchase in the OSE version when the pre-order versions of the main book are released to pre-order customers. The OSE version will be an A5 hardcover. The add-on softcovers will be A5 and made available when the Heart of St. Bathus OSE Hardcover fulfillment occurs in one shipment.
Battle with Katryn
St. Bathus vs. The Huun
Troglodyte Caves
Aboleth attacking adventurers
St. Bathus

Virtual Tabletop Options
Fantasy Grounds


Swords & Wizardry



Rappan Athuk, the legendary mega-dungeon by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned First Edition dungeon crawl.

Many, many players have lost favored PCs delving into the depths of this dungeon, all the while giggling like children and having the time of their lives. Hundreds, if not thousands, of players have combed the halls of Rappan Athuk over the years, seeking treasure and fame, making it one of the best-known dungeon locations the game has ever produced. Even players who have never entered its halls know the term, “Don’t go down the Well!”

An adventure for 4 – 6 PCs
Character Levels 1 – 20