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Frog God Games and Necromancer Games are offering 50% off most titles (print only) for the entire month. See our blog post here for the full details!

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Now Live on Kickstarter from Necromancer Games!

The Tome of Essential Horrors II contains more than 150 monsters and brings classic monsters from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games to Old-School Essentials (OSE) referees and players. Each entry includes a full OSE stat block and an interesting encounter that highlights the creature. Most monsters feature classic black-and-white art.

Check out the campaign and get yourself a free copy of the Preview!

(NOTE: Cover NOT final.)

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A Wealth of Adventure for Classic Pathfinder!

Need some inspiration for your ongoing classic Pathfinder campaign? Or are you simply looking for a hoard of amazing sourcebooks and supplements that you can fit into any fantasy RPG? This bundle is packed with killer content from Kobold Press and Frog God Games, two of the most esteemed indie publishers in the game! Treat your players to some old-school wilderness adventure with the 7-part Hex Crawl Chronicles series. Treat them to powerful character building options with The Complete Advanced Feats sourcebook.

Get all these books and a whole lot more—you include all the titles from the Part 1 Bundle in April if you missed it—and help support the Make-A-Wish Foundation with your purchase!

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Cosmology of Role-Playing Art – Limited Edition

Created by Alyssa Faden – Sold in partnership with Frog God Games and Cave Geek Art

This high-quality art print (24″x 36″ in size) is now available! Only 150 of these first print runs were printed for Gary Con 2024. Each print is numbered and signed by Alyssa Faden.

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Gamehole Publishing

Bunnies & Burrows

Frog God Games has partnered with Dr. B. Dennis Sustare and Dr. Scott R. Robinson to return a venerable and influential piece of tabletop role-playing games to print.

A History of Rabbits in Roleplaying Bunnies & Burrows (B&B) is a role-playing game that features animal characters contending with enemies and hazards in a world of nature. Published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1976, the game centered on intelligent rabbits. It introduced several innovations to role-playing game design, being the very first game to allow players to have non-humanoid roles, and the first to have detailed martial arts and skill systems.

Pathfinder Classics

Classics from our Pathfinder 1st Edition Library