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The Book of Taverns: Volume Two

The Book of Taverns: Volume Two

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Your heroes are going to be stopping at a tavern sometime; make it an interesting experience. With Book of Taverns Two you have a choice of two exciting places to stay the night and find adventure. Both offer NPCs to interact with, history and descriptions to add verisimilitude to your world, as well as hooks for adventure.

Witch’s Teat by Chris Jones is a tavern cursed with a portal to hell. Strange creatures come out of the pit in the center of the tavern’s floor, and the regulars place bets on what comes out and who can defeat it. When the portal is quiet more mundane gladiatorial fights, and the subsequent betting and drinking, go on all night. Pull a chair up, try out the mead, order a plate of barley cakes, and watch the show!

Quintain’s Tower by Chris Jones presents a tavern off the beaten path and with a bizarre clientele: ogres and goblinoids! The ruins of this once mighty human fortress have become a drinking spot, meet-up, and trade bazaar for the many dangerous humanoids that dwell in the area. The old castle holds many secrets, not the least of which is the Wood Wards cult who tend a tree that grows from the top of the tower. If you can stomach eating and drinking alongside bugbears, goblins, ogres, and others, stop in and try the steamed giant spider legs!

A fantasy adventure supplement detailing 2 distinct taverns of adventure for characters of all levels!

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