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Splinters of Faith 2022

Splinters of Faith 2022

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Visit 11 temples in a massive adventure to halt a death-priest and his massing army

Splinters of Faith is a series of 11 linked adventures centered on stopping the return of the dread death-priest Akruel Rathamon and his undead minions. The campaign takes characters across hundreds of miles as they race to different temples to restore the broken Scepter of Faiths, a powerful weapon that once stopped the warlord. It all starts when some chickens go missing. But this fowl beginning might mean a foul ending for your characters. Designed for your Fifth Edition and OSR campaigns.

The Splinters of Faith Campaign is a series of linked adventures that starts with a few chickens going missing and eventually leads to a deadly confrontation with a reawakened death-priest. Along the way, characters must recreate a relic called the scepter of faiths to aid them when they finally face off against the death-priest. This campaign is designed to take characters from 1st level all the way to 14th level or higher.

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