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Sea God's Curse

Sea God's Curse

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Tavin Yar, the scholarly merchant prince our heroes rescued in Island of Sorrow has become wealthy off trade with the eponymous island. He has a new obsession: collecting the panoply of the blue, a set of relics sacred to Quell, god of sea and storms. But this is more than an obsession; the deity sent Tavin visions of the panoply and its locations. The young merchant prince’s sleep is interrupted by these terrible dreams. His health declining, he has invested much of his new fortune into hiring a ship and making our heroes an offer.

Dare they seek out the lost panoply of a god, not just for treasure, not just to help an old friend, but to save the sea and all who travel upon her!

Sea God’s Curse is an adventure for 2-6 mid-level (levels 8-12) characters available in three systems: 5e, Castles & Crusades, and OSE. It centers around sea voyages and exploration, but all character types will be useful. There are monsters to slay, allies and foes to negotiate with, and mysteries to solve. It is assumed that our heroes played through Island of Sorrow, but that adventure is not needed to enjoy Sea God’s Curse. Likewise, Sea God’s Curse is set in Frog God Games’ Lost Lands but can be transported to any fantasy campaign. All you need is a port to sail from, a ship to sail on, and a star to steer by. You can substitute any sea god for Quell and the various locations can be placed in any sea.

A four-part quest! Our heroes, aided (or some might say, burdened) once again by Tavin Yar, must cross the seas seeking the four pieces to the panoply of the blue, a set of relics sacred to the Sea God Quell. None know why he needs them other than some grave threat is looming, and the panoply must be assembled so that the chosen one destined to save the seas can receive it. Tavin Yar is his chosen vessel, a blessing, and a curse.

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