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Encounters in the Under Realms

Encounters in the Under Realms

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This volume contains 18 exciting short adventures that can be added to your Heart of St. Bathus campaign, or to any game set in the subterranean labyrinths of the Under Realms. From author Ken Spencer, these adventures present a wide range of challenges, from intriguing puzzles to ferocious combat, and are suitable to adventurers of any level or composition.

Encounters in the Under Realms includes adventures such as:
 Bee Careful: A hive of giant cave bees stands in the party’s way as they travel through the Under Realms.
 Cute Crystal: Packed with crystal growths, a cave also harbors a strange crystalline lifeform.
 Games of Chance: The adventurers face a cunning challenge: a spinning chamber and a wild, bouncing sphere – with random and potentially catastrophic results.
 Kobold Renegades: A band of kobolds is on the run from their kingdom and fortified themselves in an old temple, squarely in the party’s path.
 Maw: Unexpectedly tumbling into a dead-end cavern, the party faces a massive organic garbage disposal and the trash heap’s ravenous occupant.
 Mushroom Madness: A cave full of mushrooms, each with a different magical effect. What could go wrong?
 Throne for a Pay: A forgotten throne room, a rival band of adventurers, and magically animated statues combine to challenge the party.

Encounters in the Under Realms can liven up and enhance your campaigns, whether your heroes are pursuing the Heart of St. Bathus or simply wandering elsewhere in the worlds below.

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