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Feast of the Gobbler (2020)

Feast of the Gobbler (2020)

Game System
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After finding themselves in the area of the Greenhill Woods, part of the larger Elderwood Forest in the Duchy of the Waymarch. Here the characters quickly become embroiled in a local conflict. Locals believe that a semi-nomadic Loreclan kidnapped and murdered several hunters within the Greenhill Woods. A village elder asks them to find the truth before the locals fire up the mostly Foerdewaith soldiers at Fort Buturbal and demand the destruction of the peaceful Grass Sailor village of Elk Run.

Fate finds the characters inexorably drawn into this volatile situation where the answers they seek may only be found somewhere within the tangles of the Greenhill Woods. Sure to face dangers fearsome and fowl, the intrepid band must use all the skills at their disposal to survive against the devious machinations of the Gobbler and his nest of ultimate evil.

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