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Rasmussen's Planetarium

Rasmussen's Planetarium

Game System
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Presented in full color, Rasmussen's Planetarium from Frog God Games contains twenty worlds filled with creatures, cultures, and civilizations

Rasmussen's Planetarium is a collection of Ship's Logs recounting the voyages of Beagle, a scientific exploration vessel. Explorer's Notes, Hunter's Tales, Travel Advisories, and helpful commentary from other crew are given to bring these otherworldly settings to life.

Likewise, many variations of star systems, exoplanets, alien worlds, sentient cultures, lifeforms, and other exotic flora and fauna (like intergalactic aliens, necrophagous organisms, and space zombies!), spaceships (most being commercial vessels, tourist space liners, or orbiting space stations), organizations of various space travelers (such as Space Guard, Space Vikings, and the Space Navy!), and more are detailed within.

Dare to explore and come back for more!

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