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Virtual Tabletop Pack #14 A Parade of Horribles

Virtual Tabletop Pack #14 A Parade of Horribles

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This set contains the horrid n’gathau and various other disgusting creatures of nightmare, including:
Cat, Undead Feral
N’gathau, Aagash The Broken
N’gathau, Asagin The Assassin
N’gathau, Grexias The Destroyer
N’gathau, Modar The Huntress
N’gathau, Rauuka The Ravager
N’gathau, Soul Hammer
N’gathau, Veenes The Blademistress
N’gathau, Veruard The Creator
N’gathau, Warrior
Skeleton Warrior
Swarm Of Undead Bats
Swarm Of Undead Hummingbirds
Swarm Of Undead Rats
Zombie, Aqueous
Zombie, Bramble
Zombie, Carcharodon
Zombie, Goblin
Zombie, Gug
Zombie, Juju
Zombie, Mummy
Zombie, Ogyugh
Zombie, Poisonous Snake
Zombie, Sphinx

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