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Virtual Tabletop Pack #13 Powers of the Planes

Virtual Tabletop Pack #13 Powers of the Planes

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A set of the extremely powerful creatures and beings who rule planes of existence beyond material reality, including:
Devil, Alastor
Devil, Amaimon
Devil, Ammon
Devil, Baalzebal
Devil, Baaphel
Devil, Belial
Devil, Blood Mane
Devil, Caasimolar
Devil, Flayer
Devil, Ghaddar
Devil, Gorson
Devil, Hellstoker
Devil, Ice Mane
Devil, Lightbringer
Devil, Lillith
Devil, Mammon
Devil, Moloch
Devil, Nupperibo
Devil, Stygian Mane
Devil, Styx Mane
Devil, Titivilus
Devil, Tormentor
Devil, Xaphan

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