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Hell Comes To Bogtown

Hell Comes To Bogtown

Game System
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Cyrus Hindle has inherited a fief from his distant great uncle and is in over his head. He needs an entourage, people who can help him take possession of his late uncle’s domain in the Wicked Fens and run the place. Just a minor clerk, the new Lord Hindle has no idea how to be a great lord.

Nor does he know what lies in store for him, for his late uncle trafficked in arcane mysteries, wicked deeds, and terrible secrets. These horrid things will come to haunt the new Lord Handle, the Wicked Fens, and our heroes as hell comes to Bogtown!

Designed for characters of levels 1-3, our heroes join the entourage of the new Lord Hindle to help him manage his new fief, but along the way, they must deal with the terrors of the Wicked Fens, the confusion and eventual madness of His Lordship, and confront the horror of the past!

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