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Swords and Wizardry Supplement Pack

Swords and Wizardry Supplement Pack

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The Swords and Wizardry Supplement Pack Comes with:

Referee Screen

MOAR Monsters

MOAR Monsters contains a deadly and devious offering of monsters to supplement the ones in the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book. Many of these have previously been published, but there are some that have never been seen, such as the moon-dwelling lunormians and the deceptive exclosures. Every Referee always needs more monsters and here they are... MOAR Monsters!

Baron's Gambit

Recruited by the Baron of Cat's Cradle, the characters are tasked with investigating the deaths of some guardsmen in a small hamlet known as Baron's Gambit. They will end up exploring the ruins of an abandoned temple in search of a strange foe, uncovering a secret that could make them quite rich... provided they survive. Baron's Gambit is an introductory adventure for first level characters.

(from the box set)

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