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Chaos Rising 2: Into the Abyss

Chaos Rising 2: Into the Abyss

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Chaos Rising author Jay Collura presents a sequel to his classic Necromancer Games title. Chaos Rising: Into the Abyss follows up on the original adventure.

Agents of the Planes
The forces of good and evil have fought a never-ending battle for supremacy of the planes. The Statera Infinitum needs agents to help them finally win the battle. The mission means a perilous journey to the Abyssal Plane of Terror and the Swamp of Misery, as well as infiltrating the deceptively named Pleasure Palace of Chernobog. Will your characters answer the call?

Nightmare Fuel
Adaptable to any fantasy campaign, Chaos Rising: Into the Abyss is designed for four to six Tier 4 characters for 5E gameplay (four to six "very high level" characters for Swords & Wizardry). Get ready to face your nightmares in this demon-filled sequel to Chaos Rising in a wide-ranging battle against the devious minions of the Society of Erebos. Remember to watch your backs: Enemies old and new are just waiting for you to let your guard down.

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