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Death Ship of the Roach Princess

Death Ship of the Roach Princess

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Author: Matt Finch

A strange ship has docked in the city, bristling the river quarter’s folk with fear. The demonic source within it seeks more “help”. The Shifting Fortune beckons to adventure-seekers and the unwary. Can heroes be found to investigate — and can they escape?

Death-Ship of the Roach Princess features:

  • A creepy ship with 15 encounter areas
  • An appendix of handouts for the referee to assist players in becoming immersed in the adventure.
  • Two new monsters and a new hazard!
  • A quasi-deity
  • An unexpected artifact of evil

Summary: Author Matt Finch has written a fantastic new adventure set in Bard’s Gate of The Lost Lands (but it can be set in any port city of any campaign). Recommended for three to five characters of levels 1–3 [Tier 1 for 5e], Death-Ship of the Roach Princess offers a party a chilling session of gameplay.

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