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Temple of Dagon

Temple of Dagon

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Author: James Thomas

notorious treasure hunter seeks like-minded adventurers to assist him in acquiring valuables from a recently discovered ruined temple in the middle of the sea. The ancients of Atrotiri were said to have incredible knowledge, power, artifacts, magic, and more … before the sea swallowed their civilization. It was said they made pacts with evil beings and reaped tremendous rewards, now lost to history. Can your heroes retrieve the lost treasures — or will they and their belongings add to a future archaeologist’s find?

Temple of Dagon features: 

  • An adventure on the salty sea with Atlantean-styled mysteries and history 
  • 25 encounter areas in sunken ruins, an observatory, and the Temple of Dagon. 
  • 4 new mundane and magic items 
  • Two useful handouts 

Summary: Temple of Dagon by James Thomas is a seafaring adventure for 5e D&D, Swords & Wizardry (OD&D), and Pathfinder 1e. Recommended for four to six characters of levels 68the plucky adventurers must contend with adversity on land, at sea, and in the watery deeps.

Review of Temple of Dagon: Improved Initiative (blog)

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