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Swords and Wizardry Complete Box Set

Swords and Wizardry Complete Box Set

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ATTENTION: The Swords & Wizardry Complete Box Set ($29.99 after discount) and Collector's Box Set ($79.99 after discount) are both on sale until further notice. The discount will be reflected in your cart and at checkout.

Swords & Wizardry Complete Box Set is more than a re-statement of the original rules that gave rise to 5e. It is fast-playing, easy to start, and easy to learn by anyone. Swords & Wizardry is a snapshot of the rules as they existed in 1978 right before "first edition" was released. The fifth edition game currently played, watched, and beloved by millions is great fun, but the structure of the rules has changed over the course of editions, and there's a unique feel to the earlier versions of the game which you may not have encountered before.

This box set presents the full expansion of the Swords & Wizardry Rules, covering all of the early-phase supplements from the 1970s. It creates a four-book resource, allowing players and game masters alike to create and run adventures and campaigns that will last for an entire lifetime. The game is supported by a vast array of adventures and other resources that are produced by Frog God Games. The box set includes:

  • Player Book
  • Spells & Magic book
  • Monsters book
  • Referee Book
  • Character Sheets
  • Dice(!)
  • Bookmark

This is the game as it was played 40 years ago. It is true to the original style and philosophy that made the game great. No “Spot Checks” here — just simple, flexible rules that allow players and game masters alike to roll play and roleplay. This stand-alone box set provides all the rules you need to play the game. It is easily transferable as a rules set for other retro-clone games, as well as those old dusty modules you may still have in the attic. The rulebooks within the box are presented in digest form, just like the original booklets they commemorate.

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