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Island of Sorrow

Island of Sorrow

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Island of Sorrow is an adventure for characters levels 3-5 that takes them on a journey across the sea to rescue the lost scion of a wealthy merchant family. Tavin Lar hoped to reclaim his family’s faltering fortunes by discovering the mythical Island of Sorrows. Well, he found it, but is shipwrecked and can’t get back home. Sending a magical message with his last scroll, the rescue mission is under way but can our heroes survive long enough to find the mythical island, much less locate Tavin Lar and bring him home?

In Island of Sorrow you fill find:

~A complete hex crawl adventure across the mythical island and other landmasses in its chain of savage islands.
~Rules for ship travel, operation, and adventure.
~New monsters ready to tackle any maritime adventure.
~More lizardfolk and dinosaurs than you can shake a stick at.*

*Do not shake sticks at lizardfolk and dinosaurs. We are not responsible for character death as a result of ill advised stick shaking. You should probably stay out of the water as well.

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