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Virtual Tabletop Pack #05 Demons

Virtual Tabletop Pack #05 Demons

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Get your holy water ready, because this set of 25 demon tokens puts the forces of the underworld at your disposal. The pack contains 25 bordered, full-body tokens for monsters published by Frog God Games, including:
Demon Lord, Dagon
Demon Lord, Kostchtchie
Demon Lord, Mestiphal
Demon Lord, Orcus
Demon Lord, Pazuzu.
Demon Lord, Sonechard
Demon Lord, Tsathogga
Demon, Aeshma (Rage)
Demon, Azizou (Pain)
Demon, Balban (Brute)
Demon, Barizou (Assasin)
Demon, Chaaor (Beast)
Demon, Choronzon (Chaos)
Demon, Derghodemon (Cockroach)
Demon, Geruzou (Slime)
Demon, Gharros (Scorpion)
Demon, Greruor (Frog)
Demon, Mehrim (Goat)
Demonic Knight
Demonic Mist
Devil Dog
Devil, Cerebrus
Devil, Gorson (The Blood Duke)

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