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Virtual Tabletop Pack #04 Terrible Trouble

Virtual Tabletop Pack #04 Terrible Trouble

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This set of 25 tokens Includes a variety of gargoyles, golems, variant bulettes, and trolls (plus a couple of genies to round out the set). The pack contains 25 bordered, full-body tokens for monsters published by Frog God Games, including:
Bulette, Black
Bulette, Blue
Bulette, Green
Bulette, Red
Bulette. Gold
Bulette. Transparent
Encephalon Gorger
Gargoyle, Four Armed
Gargoyle, Fungus
Gargoyle, Green Guardian
Gargoyle, Margoyle
Genie, Abasheen
Genie, Seraph
Golem, Blood
Golem, Ice
Golem, Magnesium
Golem, Ooze
Golem, Tallow
Golem, Witch-Doll
Golem, Wood
Troll, Cave
Troll, Ice
Troll, River
Troll, Rock
Troll, Swamp

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