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Virtual Tabletop Pack #03 Wings and Weather

Virtual Tabletop Pack #03 Wings and Weather

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This set of tokens contains dragons and elementals for those times when you absolutely, positively, need to set things on fire (or bury them, blow them away, or drown them)!
The pack contains 25 bordered, full-body tokens for monsters published by Frog God Games, including:

Angel, Chalkydri
Angel, Empyreal (Fallen)
Dragon, Cloud
Dragon, Dungeon
Dragon, Elemental Air
Dragon, Elemental Earth
Dragon, Elemental Fire
Dragon, Elemental Water
Dragon, Fly
Dragon, Gray
Dragon, Mist
Dragon, Mouse
Dragon, Smoke
Dragon, Wrath
Drake, Salt
Drake, Splinter
Elemental, Acid
Elemental, Gravity
Elemental, Lightning
Elemental, Obsidian
Elemental, Time
Glass Wyrm
Weird, Lightning

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