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Virtual Tabletop Pack #01 Giants and Other Problems

Virtual Tabletop Pack #01 Giants and Other Problems

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Giants aren’t the only problem adventurers face with this tokens pack, but they’re a pretty big problem!
The pack contains 25 bordered, full-body tokens for monsters published by Frog God Games, including:
Chaos Beast
Dwarf, Frost
Fire Nymph
Ghoul, Cinder
Ghoul, Dust
Giant, Cave
Giant, Jack in Irons
Giant, Sand
Giant, Sea
Giant, Volcano
Giant, Wood
Gremlin, Fuarth
Minotaur, Bleeding Horror
Minotaur, Obsidian
Orc, Black
Orc, Blood
Orc, Ghost Face
Orc, Green Skin
Skeleton Knight
Skeleton, Black
Skeleton, Lead
Werewolf (Female)

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