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Horrors Unbound: Black Orc

Horrors Unbound: Black Orc

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Followers of Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead, black orcs (Orco pulleiaceus) are larger and more barbarous than their cousins, the common orc. Believing themselves to be the favored of Orcus, they wage self-righteous wars of conquest on all their neighbors, be they goodly races, other evil humanoids, or even other clans of black orcs. Constant intra-clan warring usually keeps their numbers in check, much to the relief of neighboring civilizations. However, when a clan is led by a black orc high priest or priestess, who is almost always accompanied by one or more black
orc champions, the clan becomes focused and organized, often forcefully welcoming other clans into its fold to create a powerful army capable of threatening the most welldefended kingdoms.

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