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Tegel Manor: Pathfinder Rules Addendum

Tegel Manor: Pathfinder Rules Addendum

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This book lists the various personalities found in Tegel Manor. The Family Tree’s primary function is as a random encounter table. It also doubles as a list of the various magical portraits that may be encountered in galleries and other rooms. Entries are listed with names first, followed by the location of the associated portrait, game stats (general undead stat blocks are provided in APPENDIX II), notes on appearance, tactics, or personality, and the magical effects of the picture. In the case of some NPCs, their lair is also indicated in square brackets.

Magical portraits tend to have a limited consciousness. Some are barely sentient, others are good (if occasionally deranged) conservationists, while others are bothersome louts. The Judge should exploit their potential for entertainment and add a touch of (even more) chaos to the campaign through their use.

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