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Blight of the Moonglow Glade

Blight of the Moonglow Glade

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Blight of the Moonglow Glade is an adventure designed for four to six Tier One characters (5e) or four to six Level 2-3 characters (Pathfinder or Swords & Wizardry), ideally with at least one druid in the party.

It began after a star fell from the heavens. A blight now ravages Namjan Forest, killing everything it touches. If it cannot be stopped, the forest will soon fall to the molding blight, and then the world.

In Blight of the Moonglow Glade, the adventurers discover a gray blight infecting the nearby woods. It is unlike anything they have ever confronted before. It leaves its blighted mark on the lands and the souls of those who commune with nature. It is up to the adventurers to discover the source of the blight and destroy it. Only then can the forest be saved.

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