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The Blight Pathologies 6: The Schaduw Elite

The Blight Pathologies 6: The Schaduw Elite

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Sorin relaxed in his chair, his face ever in shadows, his gaze a
reflective mirror.
“I have revealed myself, just as you asked,” Sorin said. “Am I a
“The term ‘monster’ is relative,” replied Barnabus, not flinching
underneath Sorin’s intense gaze. “I want to know if this is real. Is what
you are offering actually a chance to cheat death? Is this a true path to
“If you survive the transition … yes,” Sorin said. “But you will
be forever changed. You will be better, you will be stronger. There are
drawbacks, but they are few, and you will find it is easy to adapt to your
new form.”
“What is the price?”
“Does it matter?”

Life eternal is a dream of many people, but so is power, power to do what you want and not suffer the consequences. Eternal life does not come without its consequences, and power must be taken and defended constantly. Not satisfied with the very real drawbacks of becoming a vampire, lich, or other undead being, one group sought another avenue in which to extend their lifespans and dominate their surroundings. Calling upon the power of shadows, the Schaduw Elite came into being. They rule their own corner in the City-State of Castorhage.'

The Schaduw Elite are small but do not think for a moment they are weak. To cross them is to invite the powers of darkness to seek revenge. The shadows play tricks on us all, and the Schaduw Elite are the masters of the shadows. 

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