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The Blight Pathologies 4: Fleshcoats for Everyone!

The Blight Pathologies 4: Fleshcoats for Everyone!

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The great city of Castorhage has many marvelous sights but none surpasses the chaotic yet appealing allure of the Great Fayre in Festival. Countless vendors, tents, and buildings cram the hill-summit of the island, each calling to customers to try their chance at a game, to visit a unique freak show, or to buy a trinket for their loved one. Visitors to the Great Fayre can witness but a tiny fraction of its attractions in a single day and find new and enticing venues in the same locations during their next visit. The Great Fayre is never boring and always an exciting trip for foreigners and locals alike.

The Festival Fayre Funhouse, a new attraction, is quickly emerging as a favorite among visitors, receiving fanfare and accolades from customers of all ages. A twisting maze of narrow and dark tunnels under the black tent beckons to brave souls and the easily frightened. Grotesque statues and well-dressed actors spring from shadowy alcoves and darkened corners, scaring all but the toughest of customers. The hour-long walk through the funhouse is well worth the price of admission.

But whispered rumors spread by Castorhage’s locals suggest that the new attraction has a darker side, an evil purpose beyond that of entertainment and fun. Several visitors have entered yet failed to exit, leaving their waiting friends and loved-ones worried about their whereabouts. Festival constables have shrugged off the reports of the missing, suggesting that they must have exited elsewhere in the attraction, leaving their acquaintances behind as they sought out new pleasures on the island. After all, it’s just a funhouse, right?

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