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The Blight Pathologies 3: Deceit at Thraken

The Blight Pathologies 3: Deceit at Thraken

Game System
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Steady work in Castorhage is a challenge for most of the inhabitants of the blighted city, but for visitors it is nearly impossible to find employment. Newcomers are viewed with suspicion and mistrust, and are
rarely hired for jobs that locals can fill. Most of the available work is of the worst kind: jobs that pay little for hard work, jobs that won’t build an adventurer’s reputation, or jobs that are sure to end poorly, resulting in lifelong disfigurement or death. Foreigners need to catch a lucky break with a job that can lead to better paying, less risky jobs if they want to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Castorhage.

Work disappears quickly from the local job board, so it’s a surprise when a dwarven priest of Beltane’s need of an escort into the Underneath remains on the board for several days. The posting says the job pays 5,000gp for a short trip under the city to drop off a gift to an important dignitary. A couple of days, it says. Sounds like an easy job, so why won’t the locals take the work?

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