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The Blight Pathologies 2: Death in Art

The Blight Pathologies 2: Death in Art

Game System
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The painter, sculptor, or actor is no stranger to death in the Artists’ Quarter, with each creator seeing it nearly every day in one of its various forms. Whether it be in the common pattern of murder, the cruel simplicity of low caste senescence, or the vile shape of undeath within the ranks of the Fetch, the danger and finality of each person’s demise serves as one of the many inspirations that forges the artist’s craft. Experiencing firsthand the closing moments of a person’s life can provide range and depth to an artist’s repertoire. Many novice artists in the quarter seek out these experiences, believing that their exposure to the act of death, no matter the form, only strengthens their understanding of life and its delicate dance.

Death in Art is a good old-fashioned murder mystery. The characters must figure out what happened to Radonis and what he may have been hiding until the night of the auction. It is unlikely that the group discovers the truth through violence, but instead should resolve the story through diplomacy and investigation. They must navigate several lies and false leads, questioning the neighbors as suspects until the final pieces of the mystery fall into place.

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