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The Blight: Player's Handbook

The Blight: Player's Handbook

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The Blight Player’s Handbook (for 5th Edition and Pathfinder) provides system-specific information for players about the city known as the Blight, its environs, various districts, peoples, and personages.  This book is entirely player-friendly and provides an easy way for players to play characters from the city or visitors who have taken the time to get to know the place without the GM having to read page after page of exposition text. The perfect accessory for GMs to give to their players to launch them into a Blight campaign. The book includes the city poster map stripped of GM tags so that it is safe for players to peruse at their leisure as they make their way through the crooked city of the Blight.

Crack open the pages of this player’s guide and dive right in, because you’ve entered the wrong side of town . . .

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