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City of Brass

City of Brass

Game System
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Upon his Brazen Throne, the Sultan awaits!

The City of Brass, legendary capital of the efreeti empire and jewel of the genie nations sits upon a multi-dimensional vortex at the edge of the Elemental Plane of Fire. From here the Sultan sends his mighty armies across the cosmos, bringing fire and destruction to the known planes.

Now the kingdoms of the Lost Lands are in his sights and the Sultan has unleashed the Cult of the Burning One. Brave heroes must rise to the challenge and do the unthinkable: Take the battle to the City of Brass itself and end the Sultan’s threat once and for all!

• 552 pages of plot, story seeds, plane hopping, and epic dungeon-crawling adventure! New monsters, magic, and spells.
• Defeat the threat of the Cult of the Burning One over five intertwined adventures that cross the Lost Lands and lead to the City of Brass itself.
• Five new villages, towns, and cities including the Fabled City of Brass. All are mapped in full color.
• Adventure in multiple planes of existence including the Elemental Planes of Air and Fire and the Wild.
• Detailed description of the various factions, cults, and secret societies hidden within the City of Brass, offering countless hours of role-play and intrigue.
• Fifteen self-contained adventure locations and multi-level dungeons within the City of Brass.

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