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The Northlands Saga Complete Player's Guide 2015

The Northlands Saga Complete Player's Guide 2015

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Included in The Northlands Saga Complete Players Guide are new PC races, class options, and equipment (presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules with Swords & Wizardry Complete conversion commentary where needed), optional rules for players on how to handle things like fate and death speeches, eight pre-generated characters making use of some of these new characters rules and options that players can use or simply look at as examples of Northlander character creation, and six new Tales of the Lost Lands stories set in the Northlands that give examples of the kinds of adventures and attitudes that the players are likely to find in the Northlands Saga setting.

All of the rules information in this player’s guide is included in the Northlands Saga Complete as well.

Authors: Kenneth Spencer, John Bennett, Jeff Provine, Nathan Shank, Kevin Wright, and Greg A. Vaughan

Page Count: 56 pages

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