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Splinters of Faith 2010

Splinters of Faith 2010

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NOTE: This is the 2010 version of this series, NOT the 2022 version.

Ancient Evil Awakens
In a long-buried tomb, a grave robber restores a death-cult leader to life, and his cloud of evil spreads across the land. Left behind are the broken Scepter of Faiths and a litany of shrines to restore the weapon. But the evil one and his minions wait to destroy any who try...

Temples of faith, bastions of evil
Splinters of FaithTM is a collection of 10 adventures for characters of levels 1 to 15 that can be played individually or as part of an epic campaign to restore the Scepter of Faiths. Adventure in 10 fully detailed temples such as the Shield Basilica of Muir or the dwarven city of Anvil Plunge, and conquer the nightmarish Nether Sepulcher to restore the balance of good.

  • Ten complete adventures for low- to high-level characters, usable separately or as a massive linked campaign.
  • Eighteen unique temples (10 fully detailed) ready to drop into any campaign world.
  • New monsters and magic items to discover, and ideas for further adventures

This is the first in a series of 10. Look for others coming soon!

Splinters of Faith 1: It Started With a Chicken ... (Levels 1 through 3)

This opening adventure introduces the PCs to the main villain and sets them on a quest to restore the broken Scepter of Faiths. PCs will delve into a burial mound to recover the scepter and discover the steps they must take to restore the holy relic.

Splinters of Faith 2: Burning Desires (Levels 2 through 4)

PCs visit the aboveground dwarven city of Anvil Plunge, only to discover the starting ritual needed to re-forge the scepter cannot be undertaken because a piece of the holy forge is missing. PCs will have to travel into the sprawling Sin Mire Swamp to recover the artifact.

Splinters of Faith 3: Culvert Operations (Levels 3 through 5)

The city of Bargarsport sits upon the sunken ruins of the old city - and the underground temple of Clandestine. But the temple's faithful are a conniving lot, and require PCs to face down a necromancer and his undead minions moving into the underground city before they will help.

Splinters of Faith 4: For Love of Chaos (Levels 4 through 6)

PCs find that the temple of Iseleine, perched high atop a pillar standing in the middle of a lush, garden-fi lled pit, is in dire danger from a force strategically destroying the garden below. What's worse is the fact that the temple's high priestess viciously killed her husband ... then threw herself from the high pillar. On her was the oil of Iseleine needed to bless the scepter.

Splinters of Faith 5: Eclipse of the Hearth (Levels 5 through 7)

The pyramid Seraph, once a holy temple, now lies under the sway of darkness. Breaking into the temple is hard enough, but braving the sinister twists awaiting in the dark catacombs will test the strongest PCs

Splinters of Faith 6: Morning of Tears (Levels 6 through 8)

PCs must enter a frozen wasteland to find a missing statue. But the icy wastes are the least of their worries in the Wailing Glacier.

Splinters of Faith 7: The Heir of Sin (Levels 7 through 9)

PCs hope to simply strike the Grindstone of Muir, but are they worthy enough? They'll have to prove it by rescuing a paladin's daughter from the lair of a demon lord's cult.

Splinters of Faith 8: Pains of Scalded Glass (Levels 8 through 12)

A disaster has injured and killed the priests of the Lady of the Searing Waters, but the nearby abandoned mines hold deadly secrets the PCs must unravel.

Splinters of Faith 9: Duel of Magic 
PCs must infiltrate a coven of evil witches to free an astral deva who can help them complete their quest to restore the Scepter of Faiths. The adventure is designed for characters of levels 10 through 14.

Splinters of Faith 10: Remorse of Life (Levels 13 and greater)

With the completed Scepter of Faiths, PCs must track down the evil Akruel Rathamon in the temple city of Al-Sifon before he consolidates his power and again sets out to conquer the land.

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