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Quests of Doom: Volume 1

Quests of Doom: Volume 1

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Quests of Doom Volume 1:

12 Adventures for Fifth Edition Rules, First Edition Feel!

Necromancer Games is back: are you ready to rock the new edition old-school style?

We put together a team of some of the best adventure-writers in RPG history to ring in the new fifth edition rules with a host of adventures you’ve never seen before (and a couple that you have, but probably didn’t survive anyway). Volume 1 of Quests of Doom contains 12 adventures in almost 200 pages, by Ed Greenwood (Emeralds of Highfang), Bill Webb (Ra’s Evil Grin, Sorcerer’s Citadel, Hidden Oasis, Pyramid of Amra, Sewers of the Underguild), Matt Finch (Hidden Oasis-Temple of Thoth), Jim Ward (Deep in the Vale), J. Collura (Noble Rot), Michael Curtis (The Dead from Above), Casey Christofferson  (Ra’s Evil Grin, Sorcerer’s Citadel, Irtep’s Dish), Skip Williams(Death in Dyrgalas), and Steve Winter (Bad Moon Rising).

(Leather version of Volume 1 is signed by all of the writers)

Note: The fifth edition version of Quests of Doom is only available in the two-book set. The book titled Quests of Doom Complete is NOT a fifth edition product, it is for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or Swords & Wizardry).

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