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The World of the Lost Lands

The World of the Lost Lands

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The Lost Lands

… the campaign world of Necromancer Games
and Frog God Games for almost 20 years …
… home to locations now legendary in the
annals of roleplaying, from the depths of the massive
dungeons of Rappan Athuk, to the city of Bard’s Gate,
the Desolation of Tsar, the Blight, the demon-tainted
Sundered Lands, the chaotic tumult of the
Borderland Provinces, and the fabled Northlands.

Between these covers is the definitive guide to
the world of the Lost Lands. Herein you will find
a description of the lands and seas and the skies above,
the people who populate the world, an overview of its history,
a summary of its religions, and an enormous gazetteer with
thousands of entries. Here can be found the locations of your
favorite adventures, all set into the historical and physical
context of the entire world, alongside new lands that have
never before been revealed.

Welcome to the Lost Lands.
A lifetime of adventures awaits!


516 pages, System-Neutral
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