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Perilous Vistas: Mountains of Madness

Perilous Vistas: Mountains of Madness

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Mountains of Madness gives both sides of the table — GM’s and players alike — the tools needed to bring this unique environment to life in all its wondrous glory. ​ Available for the Pathfinder Role-playing game system.

Perilous Vistas for your campaign! With dangerous environments to challenge your players while on their path to adventure.

Unfortunately for treasure seekers, mountains are temperamental and covetous hosts, subject to sudden fits of anger and jealousy. Adventurers unprepared for one of the behemoth’s foul mood swings may become part of the rugged landscape. Fickle weather, hidden crevasses, loose stones, volcanic eruptions, violent tremors, and raging avalanches are just some of the dangers that a perturbed mountain can unleash against creatures attempting to conquer its well-defended summit or wrest its worldly fortune from its calcified grasp.

Mountains Of Madness incorporates real-world Tibetan, American, Incan, European, and African culture, traditions history and integrates them with components from Frog God Games The Lost Lands Campaign Setting. The four adventures as well as the prologue that appear here occur in the Stoneheart Mountains.

They build upon events and individuals that also appeared in The Slumbering Tsar Saga, Stoneheart Valley, Bard's Gate, and Sword of Air, all from Frog God Games. Still, it is not necessary to be familiar with or use any of the preceding material to use this sourcebook. Mountains of Madness works perfectly fine as a standalone product with no background information needed.

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