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Hazardous Habitats: Desertlands

Hazardous Habitats: Desertlands

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Death & Adventure Under a Scorching Sun

Welcome to the desert. You may already be aware of the scorching heat, aridity, and the sand, but there is much more to see and experience here. Within these pages, you will discover the tools needed to bring any desert and its people to life. The tables presented here allow you to determine the likelihood of running across a settlement during the heroes’ travels as well as generating their population, demographics, political systems, lifestyles and prevailing attitudes towards visitors. Dig deeper and you will find wilderness dressing, innovative adventure ideas focused on the biome’s unique character, and exciting locations to explore in the desert

What is the Hazardous Habitat Series?

Hazardous Habitats is a series of system-neutral supplements for any roleplaying game that offers a deep exploration of a specific environment. Temperature, terrain, adventure seeds, natural hazards, methods of travel and survival, and weather patterns are all detailed in an instantly insertable way for use at your table!

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