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Tokens of Horror

Tokens of Horror

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The Tokens of Horror bring the Tome of Horrors for Fifth Edition monsters to your table (or virtual equivalent)! These 275+ creature tokens are a great addition to your pawn or token collection.

The Tokens of Horror package contains 13 sturdy 8.5" x 11" cardboard punch-out sheets each sheet containing up to 35 creature tokens. The two-sided tokens use both the excellent color art from the Tome of Horrors for Fifth Edition with the reverse displaying the identical image in grayscale (to indicate incapacitated or otherwise afflicted creatures). Many creatures also have multiple tokens included so warbands or tribes can be represented using a single purchase of the token pack.

The Tokens of Horror include a set of Virtual Tokens of Horror at no additional price.

The Virtual Tokens of Horror are all 275+ creatures from the Tokens of Horror in a high-resolution PNG file. These are designed to be ready for use on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or any other Virtual Table-Top system that allows for the import of tokens. All of the tokens are provided in two compressed (.zip) files, totaling over 250 megabytes of images.

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