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Lost Lore: Supernal Dragon Dojo

Lost Lore: Supernal Dragon Dojo

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Overlooking a sea of clouds, the Supernal Dragon dojo is located at the apex of the Xaojing mountain range between the Chi’en Hegemony and Gtsang Prefecture. At the foot of the mountain sits a magnificent and boundless staircase, aptly named the Heavenly Road. Should one attempt to climb this stairway, they will find it weaves a long and treacherous path up the side of the cliff. At the top of the staircase, sitting amongst the clustered snowcapped peaks, one finds the elegant face of the Supernal Dragon palace and dojo. Supernal Dragon Dojo presents 3 new resolve options, 2 samurai archetypes, 5 new samurai orders, and 3 new magic items.

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