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The Eamonvale Incursion

The Eamonvale Incursion

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The Long-lost prequel and sequel to the infamous and best-selling Grey Citadel. This one never got published, and is available here for the first time. One of the long-lost Necromancer Games hardcovers for sale in all its original glory.

Adventures in the Valley of the River Eamon

Hard times have fallen on the frontier realm of Eamonvale. Economic hardship, inexplicable kidnappings, strange politics, raids by feral elves and rising brigand activity on the Trade Road combine to spell trouble for the people of the valley. Can the heroes sort fact from fiction and unearth the connections before uncertainty gives way to fear and panic? Far worse things than dragons draw their shadows over Eamonvale.

Designed for 4 or more characters of at least 7th level. Finding the connections between recent disturbances takes the heroes from the bustling market town of Broadwater to the sleepy rural village of Fagan's Hollow, from the boggy wasteland of the Bleak to the shaded depths of the Elfwood, and into the hearts and minds of the people whose whole world is Eamonvale. Expanding on the setting of the author's first book The Grey Citadel (but fully useable without it),

The Eamonvalefeatures challenging parallel plot threads, a richly developed setting, vibrant NPCs and numerous secondary plot hooks to foster ongoing adventures in Eamonvale The Eamonvale Incursionis a mini-campaign of urban investigation and wilderness exploration

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