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City of Brass (2007)

City of Brass (2007)

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A City of Splendor, City of Evil

City of Brass. The name conjures visions of magnificence and splendor, of mystery and timelessness. A place of wonder, a fable, an enigma, a magical fortress adrift in a sea of flame under a sky of fire, a fantasy and so much more. A bazaar at the crossroads of the universe, the City of Brass has long been rumored amongst mortal folk to be a repository of relics both fantastic and foul. Here is a place where your greatest dreams and worst nightmares may be granted you with a Wish if the price is right: The City of Brass.

A Campaign and Adventure Source for v3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying

For Players
• Adventure across the planes and journey to the fabled City of Brass.
• Discover dozens of new spells, magic items, and feats.
• Set out upon a myriad of adventures within and around the City of Brass, possibly including other planes of existence.

For Gamemasters
• Challenge your players with dozens of new monsters and powerful NPCs, including the Grand Vizier and Sultan of the Efreet.
• The City of Brass can be easily dropped into any existing d20 campaign.
• 101 adventure ideas you can use as a springboard to making the City of Brass your own.

The City of Brass was originally published as a boxed set containing 4 books. This printed version is a single volume containing all 4 of the oriignal books.

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