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Lost Lore: Staff of the Waters

Lost Lore: Staff of the Waters

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This reddish staff is made of acacia wood, having a few slight bumps or bulges but with a very smooth nish. It is strong and solid and thick enough to ward off blows. One end is slightly narrower, the other is a little wider, blunted, and shod in bronze. Numerous symbols representing water, rivers, frogs, water snakes, and more are engraved around the bronze cap. Once the staff of a powerful magician, it has been passed down in a family for generations and is the source of stories of this ancestor possessing ultimate mastery over water and possessing the ability to cross bodies of water — even oceans according to legend — without getting wet. One does not need to be a wizard or a spellcaster of any type to wield the Staff of the Waters, but it is more likely that such a person would choose it. Anyone could use it as a melee weapon, but it takes more than merely possessing it to be able to unlock its other powers.

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