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TB3: Bloody Jack

TB3: Bloody Jack

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All the children of the Blight know the nursery rhymes about Bloody Jack Carver, cautionary tales for naughty or overly inquisitive children to mind their manners and obey their parents. However, their parents know the true horror of those times 30 years ago when the lunatic serial killer known as Bloody Jack Carver stalked the fog-shrouded streets of the Blight and abducted children to murder and mutilate. The killing spree finally ended, though not before the number of dead and missing children had reached into the scores, but the perpetrator himself was never caught or identified. The parents and the Watch gave a collective sigh of relief, hoping that one of the haunted city’s other horrors of the night had perhaps claimed the life of the blood-drenched psychopath and ended his reign of terror once and for all.

When the PCs are deputized and called in to assist in a homicide investigation, though, they find terrifying clues that point to the three-decade-old Bloody Jack killings and signs to indicate that they were just the beginning. Now the PCs are in a race against time across the breadth of the decrepit and deteriorating city that is the Blight as they attempt to stop a killing spree by the child murderer before it can start anew. The PCs’ investigation takes them from the halls of the Capitol and the seedy streets and alleys of Toiltown to the garish carnival piers of Festival and the pollutant-crusted banks of the Great Lyme River. Only they stand between the children of the decayed city and new nursery rhymes being written in their blood.

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