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TB5: Children of the Harvest

TB5: Children of the Harvest

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The Children of the Harvest is a stand-alone adventure set in The Blight for 4—6  7th- to 8th level characters.

The Blight is a dark place. Children disappear all the time, especially those of poor. The Harvester of Cribs, one of the city's strange local gods, is blamed for many of these disappearances. Typically ,  these disappearances arc random, isolated instances, and in many cases, Harvester has nothing to do with it all, merely being a convenient explanation or alibi for some other nefarious activity.

This time, however, 36 children have disappeared from their homes— all in a single night—and many of them were not from the houses of the poor.  Not even jaded folk of City-State of Castorhage will stand for this  (especially not a prominent Justice and a guild leader who have each lost a child in this rash of disappearance). Now is the time for a call to action. Now is the time for heroes.

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