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Beware the Yule Cat

Beware the Yule Cat

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Beware the Yule Cat

You all know the cat of Christmas
— that cat was huge and fat.
No one knew where he came from
nor where he was at.

Night is falling across the frozen plains of the Northlands. It's Yule Eve, but you're tired, hungry, and footsore. Ahead lies the village of Köldhorn — Cold Corners in the Common tongue — where you are sure to find warmth, food, and shelter, especially on this festive night. But upon arrival you find the streets deserted, and the villagers hidden behind locked doors. Soon, you realize that you've inadvertently found yourselves in the middle of a generations-long struggle between the people of Cold Corners and the evil fae troll Grýla, her husband Leppalúði, their sons the mischievous Jólasveinar — or Yule Lads — and worst of all her favorite pet, the fierce Jólakötturinn, better known as the Yule Cat.

A Village in Peril

He opened his glowering eyes wide,
each like a burning gem
— It wasn’t for the faint of heart
to face them.

Inspired by the beloved works of Icelandic poet Jóhannes úr Kötlum, Beware the Yule Cat is a holiday-themed adventure for 4–6 characters of Tier 2 (Levels 5–6) available in the 5e, Castles & Crusades, and Old-School Essentials rules systems. As the adventurers face the wrath of the ferocious Yule Cat, they must also deal with the cruel pranks of the Yule Lads, who are determined to spoil Yule for everyone. Things go from bad to worse when the party discovers that the Jólasveinar have kidnapped the mayor's infant son, and taken him to their lair on nearby Snow Mountain, possibly bound for Grýla's stewpot! Köldhorn seems bound for a cold, dark Yuletide, but the adventurers may have a chance to make it merry for all.

Fire and Ice

He roamed, fierce and famished,
in freezing Christmas snow,
chilling every human heart,
both high and low.

The adventure takes the characters from the ice-bound Northlands to the burning lava fields of the Dimmuborgir and includes:

  • Background on the Icelandic legends of Grýla, the Yule Lads, and the Yule Cat.
  • Full-color cover and illustrations by Teresa Guido, Adrian Landeros, and Hector Rodriguez.
  • A fully-developed northern village and its inhabitants.
  • A fierce fight in the streets of Cold Corners, a dangerous journey through wintry wilderness, and a final confrontation in an inhospitable land of lava and fire.
  • Stats for all NPCs and monsters.
  • Options for every style of play.
  • Enemies and allies, all with a Yuletide theme, perfect for holiday gaming.
  • Outcomes both grim and upbeat, depending upon the adventurers' actions.
  • Content galore, with 60+ pages of Yuletide goodness.
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