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Lake of Dust

Lake of Dust

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Ancient Desert Secrets

Deep in the trackless wastes of an arid desert lies the dusty bed of an ancient, dried-up lake. It’s home to a clan of feisty gnolls who don’t exactly lay out the welcome mat for outsiders. But the adventurers are on a mission — the dead lake also hides the ruins of strange, forgotten temples, places that even the ferocious gnolls fear to tread.

Who built these labyrinthine passages and dusty chambers, and what secrets do they hide? Once the adventurers have won the gnolls’ respect (or at least their tolerance), the ruins lie open for exploration. Inside are the answers to the mysteries of the temples’ origins, and the fate of their builders, but even armed with this knowledge, can the heroes survive the challenges that lie beneath the Lake of Dust?

Written by the prolific and talented Steve Winter (Complete Psionics Handbook, Horde of the Dragon Queen, The Scarlet Citadel, The City that Dripped Blood, Orcus in a Winter Wonderland, and much more), with cover art by Martina Scafa, and interior illustrations by Hector Rodriguez and Terry Pavlet, Lake of Dust is an adventure for a party of 5th level characters. Good luck! You’ll need it.
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