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Mithral, Rattlesnakes, and a Cask of Dwarven Whiskey

Mithral, Rattlesnakes, and a Cask of Dwarven Whiskey

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Brave Souls of Unmatchable Character Wanted!
Must be skilled in Arms, puissant in the Arcane Arts,
Capable of carrying out Complex Orders
Good Gold for Arcane Materials collected at Some Risk
Contact Travalaz at High Street, Carterscroft
Serious Inquiries ONLY, NO LOOKY-LOOS

The mad wizard Travalaz of Carterscroft has assembled a list of ingredients he needs to fashion powerful magic. Towards that end, he is sending out word throughout Eastreach Province that good gold is available for those who are willing to undertake gathering these needed materials for his arcane research.

Journey across the Lost Lands' Borderlands Provinces on a scavenger hunt for dangerous unrefined mithral, live giant rattlesnakes, and a truly amazing quantity of dwarven whiskey. Finding this shopping list is only the first part of the adventure, you will have to acquire it and then transport it back!

Dare you take on the task in this adventure for 2-6 characters of Tier 2 (5e) or levels 5-7 (OSR)? Can you save the village of Estan from mithral mutants? Will the salvagers of Wrecker's Cove give up the whiskey so easily? Capturing a live giant rattlesnake will be hard, but three of them — and they need to be alive when they are delivered? This is the work of heroes!

Honestly, is the money worth all of this trouble? Only one way to find out, so load up that wagon with Mithral, Rattlesnakes, and a Cask of Dwarven Whiskey!

This adventure does not need to be run straight through. The intent is that the hunt for these rare ingredients can be worked into other adventures or as part of the characters’ travels across the Borderlands Provinces. Our heroes might want to pick up one of the assignments, find the ingredients, and call it quits after they get paid. This might make a nice side quest for a larger adventure or if they should happen to decide to take a break from Rappan Athuk. The choice is yours; the adventure is written so that these ideas and many others can be used to work it into your campaign.

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